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A speaker made of sounding wood – aesthetics at its best

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Products, The Pro’s Knowledge


The JMC Soundboard creates a balanced, lively and omnipresent musical ambience, just like in a concert.

The interplay of 350-year-old spruce, centuries-old techniques of string instrument making and the latest audio technology has resulted in an outstanding loudspeaker. The JMC Soundboard takes you back to the original dimension of music.

A sounding art object with a very own fascination

The Soundboard is not only an extraordinary loudspeaker, it is also an art object that can be designed according to your wishes.

The source of the beautiful sound is the sound spruce, which grows in the huge Risoud forest near Le Brassus. Lorenzo Pellegrini, a tree picker, finds the right trees with a sure instinct. The instrument maker Jean Michel Capt produces this unique product from clay spruce with a lot of skill, experience and know-how.

Nik Hartmann (SRF) reports about the Soundboard

Nik Hartmann (SRF) reports on the SoundboardLearn more about the sound spruce, the people behind this speaker and, above all: experience the beautiful sound of the Soundboard during a sound tasting at our Chollermüli.

Have we aroused your curiosity? Further information about the Soundboard and the Vallée de Joux is provided by Nik Hartmann in the article linked here (from minute 5:25).