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Why do OLED displays have a better image?

by | Oct 24, 2018 | The Pro’s Knowledge

Leading TV manufacturers are using OLED technology monitors in their latest devices. They offer true black and vibrant colors. What do these OLED displays do better than the previous LCD screens with LED backlight?

To understand this we take a look at the technology of the screens. The image of all displays is generated with pixels in the colors red, green and blue. All colours can be created with these basic colours. The current models have over 8 million pixels.

How does an LCD LED flat screen work?

When you think of the term LED display, you might think that coloured LEDs would produce the visible image. This is not the case.

An LED flat screen display basically consists of a backlight, polarization and color filters as well as liquid crystals. The LEDs are used for the backlight. They produce a bright white light. This light is sent through various filters and liquid crystals and finally appears on the front of the display as a colored pixel. Millions of these pixels form the visible TV image.

If several pixels are controlled, the white light of the backlight outshines dark surfaces and leaves a greyish veil. The expert speaks here of clouding. This effect causes the contrast to be reduced and the colours to fade.

What makes the OLED screen better?

OLED displays have the great advantage over conventional LED TVs that they do not require backlighting. This eliminates the clouding effect.

The OLED pixels illuminate themselves, can be controlled directly in the desired colors and thus generate the visible image directly. So the TV images shine in bright vivid colors and a great richness of detail. If the pixel is switched off, we have real black and thus an optimal contrast.

A further advantage of these screens is the large angle of view. No matter whether you sit frontally or sideways to the TV. You always have a perfect picture quality.

At just 4.9mm, the displays are thinner than most smartphones. This opens up new design possibilities for designers for perfect integration of the TV set into your home.

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) – is a technology that makes it possible to produce perfect black levels, breathtaking colours, strong contrasts and extremely thin televisions. They are also more energy efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly.